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6-23-17 May home sales buck the odds as Louisville real estate rolls at record pace

It’s certainly been an interesting year so far.

6-21-17 It's About to Become Easier to Qualify for a Mortgage—Here's Why

Aspiring homeowners might soon get a break as it becomes a little easier for those with student, credit card, and car loan debt to qualify for a mortgage.

6-19-17 Moving Into a New Home? Here’s a List of Must-dos

Use this checklist to make sure you’ve covered the most important steps to take care of as you move into your new abode.

6-16-17 The Do's And Don'ts Of Tapping Your Rising Home Equity

If you bought a home recently, it may already have increased in value.

6-14-17 What to Expect as the Fed Raises Interest Rates

The Fed’s policy making committee is expected to increase the target for the federal funds rate to 1% to 1.25% on Wednesday.

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