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Louisville, KY 40206

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Jefferson County, KY Housing #s

Last Updated 1 October 2014
  • 4147
  • 94
  • $232,518
  • $110.66

Clifton, Subdivison, KY Housing #s

Last Updated 1 October 2014
  • 8
  • 48
  • $195,712
  • $122.65

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09-24-2014 Frankfort Ave Trolley Hop Celebrates 10th Anniversary 9-26

                     The weather looks like it's going to be perfect. Hoppers can participate

                      in a FAT Friday photo challenge in order to get a "passport to Frankfort

                      Ave" with deals and also to win a prize basket. Click for more details. 


09-24-2014 New home sales power higher in Aug.

                     Sales of new U.S. single-Family homes surged in Aug. and hit their

                     highest level in more than six year, ofering confirmation that the housing

                     recover remains on course.


09-23-2014 Dipping Into the Bank of Mom and Dad

                     First-time buyers are increasingly turning to their parents to help fund

                     their home purchases. 27% of first-time home buyers last year received

                     a cash gift from relatives or friends for a down payment.


09-22-2014 Home Buying in Six Steps

                     The home-buying process can seem daunting to potential homebuyers,

                     but a qualified real estate professional who understands the entire

                     process can help ease many of these worries.


09-16-2014 Citi & BOA offer Mortgages with Discount Rates

                     Citigroup and Bank of America will provide mortgages at discounted

                     interest rates as part of their efforts to help borrowers with low incomes

                     or subprime-credit histories.


09-10-2014 Net Worth of Homeowners vs. Renters

                     In the past 15 years, the net worth of the typical homeowner has

                     ranged between 31 and 46 tiems that of the net worth of the typical



09-09-2014 Bubble-Era Home Equity Loans are set to Bite

                     Some 2.5 million homeowners may soon face a shock: The home equity

                     loans they took out a decade ago, in the credit-flush run-up to the housing

                     crash, are coming due.


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