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3-24-17 Louisville Real Estate Update: February 2017

Not stellar but very strong month for Louisville real estate considering our almost complete lack of housing inventory.

3-22-17 Rent or Buy in Louisville KY?

This is a big question. After all buying a home is a hugely important decision. Should you rent or buy in Louisville KY?

3-20-17 Landscape Tips To Help With Finding Home Buyers

Some buyers will decide based on the look of the outside of your home whether they'll even bother to come inside.

3-17-17 What the Fed rate hike means for homebuyers

It's a tough market for homebuyers. Prices are high and supply of available homes is low.

3-15-17 Real estate mogul: First-time homeowners should use this trick to live for free

When it comes to buying a home, people have strong opinions.

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