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Management Services

Property Management of Louisville, LLC is a full service real estate company that can  manage, maintain, and sell your property. Click here for examples.  We customize management services based on your specific needs. Property Mgmt of Louisville currently manages property in Kentucky and Southern Indiana. Our services for single family and multifamily assets include but are not limited to the following, please contact us directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a specific management proposal.


Unit Advertising –Owners choose from several advertising options based on area demographics and/or marketing plan including site specific advertising, web advertising, print advertising and lockbox rental. Check out what we currently have advertised.


Unit Showings – Owners choose from several showing options including lockbox usage, applicant showings and private unit showings. Prospect/Applicant tracking and feedback are standard.


Application Processing – Upon receiving an application a background check will be processed (at applicant's expense) including but not limited to an income verification, credit worthiness, verification of current landlord, criminal/sex offender check and a reference check. A final lease recommendation will then be delivered to owner. Click here for a sample application.


Lease Negotiation/Execution – Upon acceptance of an application the terms of the lease (i.e., lease dates, monthly rent, deposit, pet policy, etc.) will be negotiated based on each specific owner's criteria. A move-in inspection checklist will also be executed complete with all applicable lease addendums and accompanying escrow account for all security deposits per state law.


Tenant Point of Contact – Upon move-in, PMOFL becomes the point of contact for all tenant inquiries during business hours via phone/email and after hours via emergency line. All lease and maintenance requests are addressed to a specific point of contact within the company for processing.


In House Maintenance – PMOFL processes maintenance requests through our in-house maintenance coordinator and via independent contractors under contract with volume incentives. This affords us the opportunity to pass on our reduced maintenance expenses helping to maximize your assets net operating income.


Rent collection – PMOFL has state of the art Property Management accounting software to track rent collection, state specific demand letter processing and ultimately eviction processing when necessary.


Vendor Payment – PMOFL can pay any of the expenses specific to your asset as requested by owner and can process end of year 1099 processing as well.


Owner Distributions – PMOFL delivers monthly owner distributions via ACH bank wires on the 15th of the same month that it is collected (holding only a $50/unit maintenance reserve).


Reporting/Financials – Along with monthly Owner Distributions each owner will receive e-mailed monthly owners' statements, a 12-month income/expense report tracking trends in accounts receivable/payable and finally a delinquency report when applicable. At the end of the year an annual statement will be delivered for tax compliance. Click here to view some of the reporting we offer.