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Archived Newsfeed November 2017

11-08-17 Home sales dip in October, so beating 2016’s record is perhaps out of reach

New construction in Louisville is surging, but mostly at higher price points.

11-06-17 Who's affected by the mortgage changes in the House tax bill

It could become even harder to buy a home in expensive cities.

11-03-17 What Keeps Buyers From Finding Their Next Home

Buying a home is like searching for a mate. You'll go on many first dates and in the end, the one that has most, but maybe not all of the characteristics that you want, will win your heart.

11-01-17 Shortage Of Accessible Housing Creates Opportunity For Investors

Imagine not being able to use your kitchen, go out on your balcony or enjoy the privacy a bathroom door provides because you can't have one.

Archived Newsfeed October 2017

10-30-17 High home prices hit first-time buyers harder than ever, and student loans may be part of the reason

As the economy and wages improved in 2017, first-time homebuyers were finally moving back into the market — until that turned around again.

10-27-17 New-Home Sales Surge: Is That Good or Bad for Buyers?

New-home sales are back. After a few months of drops in the number of buyers scooping up these abodes with that fresh, never-been-lived-in smell, sales are once again surging.

10-25-17 New home sales surge 18.9 percent in September

Sales of new U.S. single-family homes unexpectedly rose in September, hitting their highest level in nearly 10 years, offering hope that the housing market was regaining speed after appearing to stall in recent months.

10-23-17 Selling: Half The Winning Real Estate Strategy

Let's zero in on the family home to reveal room for improvement in ways this investment can be put to work when owners are intent on living full, active lives.

10-20-17 Why Fewer New Homes Are on the Horizon Despite the Housing Shortage

In spite of all the house hunters out there clamoring for homes to buy, there won't be a surge in the number of newly constructed abodes hitting the market anytime soon.

10-18-17 Homebuilder confidence jumps to 6-month high in October

After a hurricane-induced dip, confidence among U.S. homebuilders increased more than expected in October.

10-16-17 Home Foundations And Why Material Matters

Foundations matter, and so does the material that they're made of. Here's a closer look at both, starting with materials and why they matter.

10-13-17 How to buy your first home

Buying a home is one of the most -- if not the most -- significant purchases of your adult life. So, you'll want to make sure you're really ready.

10-11-17 Mortgage applications drop 2.1% as interest rates hit highest level since July

Consumers today are more optimistic about the economy, their jobs and the housing market, but that doesn't mean they're buying more homes.

10-09-17 Home sales falter but a record year still possible

Last month, Louisville home sales looked to be in great position to surpass our all-time best year.

10-06-17 A new way to buy a home—with no money of your own

You can crowdfund your business, your charity, your product, your vacation — and now you can crowdfund your home.

10-04-17 Don't Fight The Home Inspection

Buyers often purchase real estate based on emotions rather than facts, and a good home inspection is important to satisfy the purchaser that the property is substantially in sound condition.

10-02-17 Financial Don'ts When Getting Ready To Buy A Home

These are a few universal "don'ts" that will help you stay on track, even before you get a lender involved.