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Archived Newsfeed February 2017

2-27-17 New-Home Sales Are Up—But Not Enough to Ease the Housing Crunch

Here’s the good news: Sales of newly constructed homes rose in the beginning of the year.

2-24-17 How To Create A Cycle Of Prosperity Using Affordable Housing In Louisville

There are more than 5,000 vacant structures standing across Louisville, according to a recent report from the city’s Vacant and Public Property Administration.

2-22-17 Louisville Real Estate Trends For 2017

There continues to be serious shortage of houses for sale in Louisville.

2-20-17 3 Tech Startups Influencing the Real Estate Market

There are startups emerging to automate processes for investors, brokers and property managers.

2-17-17 Can You Trust Zillow's Home Price Zestimate? In a Word: No.

When it comes to Zillow's Zestimates, you have to take the numbers with a grain of salt.

2-15-17 Brownsboro Rd to get bank, eateries, other retail

A branch bank, a retail building that will house a coffee shop, and a free-standing restaurant are planned in a development on Brownsboro Road on land owned by Commonwealth Bank.

2-13-17 8 Things You Should Do Before Moving Into A New House

Moving into a new house? Your task list doesn't end once you pack up your old place.

2-10-07 Lower housing inventory means rising home sale prices

As we start 2017, we have two major forces at odds in our real estate market.

2-08-17 What’s In Store for Louisville Real Estate in 2017

After our record-setting year in 2016, it might be difficult to match… but here are the biggest stories as we head into the new year.

2-06-17 What To Do If You Were Counting On The Mortgage Premium Cut

The cut is dead. So what can you do to help disappointed buyers and salvage a sale?

2-03-17 Use Technology For Attracting Serious Home Buyers

ERA Real Estate and HGTV reported 46 percent of consumers see smart-home technology as important for their current and future residences.

2-01-17 5 Home Improvements That Pay Off

There are several improvements that offer a high return on investment (ROI) for homeowners looking to sell.

Archived Newsfeed January 2017

1-30-17 8 Easy And Cheap Ways To Make Your Kitchen Look And Work Better

You can go ahead and gut your kitchen to make it all fancy and new. But if you want upgrade the form and function without all the effort and expense, it's easier than you think.

1-27-17 New-Home Sales Surged in 2016, but Slowed in December

Brand-spankin’-new homes sold like hotcakes last year, as buyers raced to close on the abodes of their dreams.

1-25-17 Jump in rates doesn't deter homebuyers, as mortgage applications increase 4%

Mortgage rates moved solidly higher last week, but lenders saw no letup in loan demand.

1-23-17 The Renovations To Make - And Not To Make - In 2017

Thinking of making some changes to your home? You're not alone.

1-20-17 New Construction Keeps Chugging Along, Especially in the Suburbs

Buyers hoping to move into a house of their own should take heart: More newly constructed single-family homes are on the way.

1-18-17 With an 8% increase in 2016 home sales, what’s not to love? Low inventory, that’s what.

With one exception, 2016 was a year of increases in the housing market — increased sales, increased sale prices and increased interest rates.

1-16-17 Winter: How to Ensure It's Going Great

You prepared your home for winter as homeowners do every year. How's that going so far?

1-13-17 Staging vs. Decorating: What's the Difference?

Selling your home means selling a lifestyle, but not necessarily your own.

1-11-17 Home Buyers Get a Rare Price Break on Mortgage Insurance Premiums

Everything in the world of real estate seems to be getting more expensive these days: from home prices to mortgage rates to the furniture you’ll need to fill up that new place. So it’s good to hear that some home buyers will finally get a break.

1-09-17 The Art of Selling Your Home During the Holidays

The holiday season offers unique opportunities for selling your home.

1-06-17 It’s official: 2016 a record year in Louisville real estate

Wind, reel and print… that’s a wrap! 2016 is in the books and it was a record year in Louisville real estate.

1-05-17 4 Tips to Make Your Home Look Fresh

Do you feel like your home has lost some of its luster? Follow these four suggestions to make your home look fresh and attractive again.

1-03-17 Here's a ranking where we wanted — and got — a low spot

In Louisville, we enjoy seeing our city in the top 10 of many lists, but sometimes it's good to be ranked No. 63