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Archived Newsfeed July 2017

7-31-17 Mortgage industry under fire again ... from younger buyers

After arguably the worst decade in history for the mortgage industry, consumers are concerned again.

7-26-17 Landbank Authority approves sale of vacant lots for affordable housing

At July’s meeting, the Landbank Authority approved the sale of 10 parcels of vacant property in the Portland, California, Russell, Shawnee and Park DuValle neighborhoods.

7-21-17 Louisville is one of the 20 U.S. markets enjoying strong post-recession gains in home values

Only 20 U.S. housing markets have bounced back strongly from the Great Recession of 2007-09 — and Louisville is ranked among them.

7-19-17 Housing Market Labor Shortage Eases

A labor shortage that has hampered the construction industry for most of the housing market’s five-year recovery is showing signs of easing.

7-17-17 7 Key Things That Help You Qualify For A Mortgage

With the right preparation, qualifying for a home loan can be a rewarding experience in your journey toward homeownership.

7-14-17 Tiny Might Be Trendy, but Homebuilders Have Been Thinking Big—Until Now

Millennials and baby boomers are competing for the same smaller, more affordable, and easier to manage abodes, and everyone is talking about tiny homes.

7-12-17 Drone Technology Beneficial To The Real Estate Game

One of the latest tools in the home buying and selling process is drones

7-10-17 Prices jump in June, home sales hustle to keep pace

With fewer homes for sale, Louisville home buyers are battling it out to take home the prize

7-7-17 3 Types Of Loans To Go For If You're Credit Challenged

There are a good amount of options, and the federal and state level for mortgages can help even low-credit borrowers get the home of their dreams.

7-5-17 Mortgage applications rise 1.4%, defying higher rates

More borrowers applied for home loans last week, even as interest rates made their largest five-day jump since just after the presidential election.

7-3-17 Affordable Tips to Improve Your Property

Your homes are an investment, and the only way to increase the value of this investment is by conducting periodic renovations or carrying out little tasks that can improve its value.

Archived Newsfeed May 2017

5-31-17 Prospect Cove plans moving forward for 198-unit affordable senior housing complex

Leaders with LDG Development say plans are moving forward for the affordable senior housing complex called Prospect Cove.

5-29-17 How To Buy A House Without Going House Poor

How much house can you really afford?

5-26-17 Going, Going, Gone! Existing Homes Are Selling Like Hotcakes

Home buyers had better act fast: Homes are flying off the market.

5-24-17 There are tons of newly built homes – just the wrong kind

Builders say they are targeting millennial buyers, but margins are too thin to go cheaper.

5-22-17 Hey Millennial, Go Buy a House! 9 Reasons to Stop Paying Rent Today

It's a big commitment, but the rewards generally far outweigh any potential downsides.

5-19-17 Louisville Top 10 Best Cities for Homeowners

Bankrate released their best cities for homeowners and Louisville made the top ten!

5-17-17 Low appraisals, high sale prices present ‘conundrum’ for some homebuyers

Homebuyers are facing bidding wars that could drive sale prices higher than appraised values.

5-15-17 Home builder sentiment bounces back, but buyers tell another story

U.S. home builders are expecting stronger sales ahead, but mortgage applications for newly built homes don't currently support that hope.

5-12-17 4 things first-time homebuyers need to know

Buying a home is likely the biggest purchase you'll ever make, and it's not always an easy one.

5-10-17 9 Outdoor Trends You Need To Know

It's time to get outdoors. But if your outdoor area isn't looking its best, it's time to fix it up. We've got the trends you'll want to focus on to give you the best yard on the block.

5-08-17 Prices up, sales down as the real estate market heads into summer

In 2017, we’re experiencing record low inventory levels. What could come next?

5-05-17 Mortgage Rates Hold Near 2017 Lows as Big Decisions Loom Over Bond Market

Rates for home loans were little changed as markets remained relatively flat, mortgage finance company Freddie Mac said Thursday.

5-03-17 Construction Spending Eases in March After a February Blowout

Spending on construction dipped in March following an unusually strong pace of spending in February.

5-01-17 Think Your Credit Score Is Too Low To Buy A House? Maybe Not

When it comes to your credit score, how low is too low?