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7-19-19 Home Prices Have Shot Up Way More Than You Thought Since the Recession

Quite a bit has changed since the housing bubble burst and the world plunged into a bleak recession.

7-17-19 Foreign purchases of American homes plunge 36% as Chinese buyers flee the market

Challenging conditions in the U.S. housing market, along with tighter currency controls by the Chinese government, caused a stunning drop in foreign demand for American homes.

7-15-19 Bidding wars are heating up. Here's how to win your dream home

The dull days of summer may be over sooner than expected in the nation's housing market.

7-12-19 Fed's Powell says US homebuilders hit by 'a perfect storm' of Trump's immigration policy, tariffs

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell echoed what most in the homebuilding industry have been complaining about all year.

7-10-19 What Are the Upfront Costs of Buying a Home?

Before purchasing a home, you need to know what the upfront costs will be, whether they’re considered hidden or not, and which fees apply to your situation.

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