Property Management of Louisville

Business Address
1815 Frankfort Ave,
Louisville, KY 40206
Mailing Address
PO Box 7992,
Louisville, KY 40257

Residential Maintenance

Property Management of Louisville, LLC is also a full service real estate maintenance company that can perform recurring, rent ready, emergency, seasonal, and preventative maintenance services for property owners across the Louisville metropolitan area whether you have contracted with our Management Services or not.

Please contact us directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a specific pricing proposal for your home or investment property.

Rent Ready Maintenance

Rent Ready MaintenanceOur Rent Ready maintenance services are a quick and cost effective solution for preparing your investment property for your next tenant.  Our in house team will provide an itemized bid for the material and labor required to turn your unit in a timely manner and will supply detailed digital photographs upon completion.

Recurring Maintenance

Emergency MaintenanceOur recurring maintenance services include the normal repair and maintenance required to properly maintain single family homes and investment properties including but not limited to; plumbing repairs, hvac repairs, electrical repairs, roofing, doors, windows, paint, flooring, locksmithing, hauling and pest control.

Emergency Maintenance

Emergency MaintenanceOur emergency maintenance services include an on-call representative that can help mitigate after hour maintenance needs should the need arise.  Emergency maintenance is standard as part of our contracted management services but can be contracted separately for individual property owners not using our management services.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

Our preventative maintenance services include a quarterly or semi-annual inspection of a property (owners discretion) to identify and cure maintenance issues before they occur.

Seasonal Services

We can also assist in the upkeep of the exterior of your property over the course of the seasons. From lawn care to snow removal, we are here to help.