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SOLD!! Note that this four-plex is a perfect example of how PMofL employs a full range of ma3intenance, management, and sales services to meet our customers' needs. PMofL's maintenance department worked with the owner to address areas of deferred maintenance, re-hab units, and bring the property up to market and rent-ready standards. Our leasing department worked to market and advertise units, screen applicants, and place tenants in order to create a cash-flowing property. Simultaneously, PMofL's sales department coordinated and managed the successful listing, marketing, and sale of her real estate asset in order to meet her ultimate goal of liquidating her investment. Property Mgmt of Louisville can tailor services to assist you with YOUR specific real estate needs. Call today with any questions!"


Managed since October 2010

Sold Febuary 2013 $120,000







SOLD!! This transaction is another example of PMofL's full line of services offered to our clients. The now out-of-state owners utilized PMofL's Management and Maintenance services to rent out and maintain their house for a couple years while the market improved. This summer they employed our Sales Team to list and market the home during the peak sales season. Congratulations!


Managed since June 2009-Starting Rental Amount $1,600 a month

Sold July 2013 $209,000







Distressed Bank Owned Asset-Five Phase Development.


SOLD!!- 43 completed, 8 where the foundation was poured, 3 shell units and 13 undevelopedpadentrance

We helped evaluate the project.

Managed and maintained the condo associations. Collection of dues and payment of vendors.

Worked with local government agencies and utility companies.


modelvacant land

Marketed to individuals along with developers.

After 2 years of management and stabilization of the

development, the community was sold to a local developer.


Start of Management May 2010

Sold June 2011 $980,000





Distressed Bank Owned Asset- 45 Unit Apartment Complex


SOLD!! Property was in the process of being converted to condos.DSC 1012

When we took over, 38 units were owned by a local back with a 75% occupancy rate

We established a condo association, setup a budget along with a reserve account. Cleaned up the vacant units and rented them out. We marketed and listed 38 units for sale to investors.

There was a 97% occupancy rate at time of sale.


Start of Management November 2010

Sold September 2011 for $1.1 Million

We currently are still managing the community for the new owner.