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Monthly Reporting

Property Management of Louisville, LLC distributes monthly reporting to owners on the 15th of every month to help track monthly asset performance.  The five most commonly used reports are attached with a summary.

UNIT RENT ROLL – The unit rent roll will show the current occupancy of your multifamily asset.  It tracks both market rent of what your units should rent for and the actual rent of what your units are currently rented for.  This report is helpful for assets in which we are trying to push market rents higher thus appreciating the value of your asset.

BALANCE SHEET – The balance sheet is a current snapshot of your assets and liabilities.  Your assets include the properties operating account balance, escrow account balance and the value of your land and improvements.  Your liabilities include the security deposits held in escrow, the mortgage on the property  and any retained earnings.

OWNER STATEMENT – The owner statement is a record of every income and every expense for your asset over the course of the current month totaled up with an outstanding ledger balance.

CASH FLOW STATEMENT – The cash flow statement is a report that consolidates the income and expenses into categories thus allowing owners to track MTD and YTD performance side by side.

DELINQUENCY REPORT – The delinquency report shows the outstanding balances due from delinquent tenants and categorizing the balance into 30, 60, 90 day periods.