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Archived Newsfeed August 2018

8-08-18 Weekly mortgage applications fall as home prices climb

Rising home prices continued to hit the mortgage industry hard last week.

8-06-18 How Can Online Marketing Services Help Your Website Get To The Top of The Search Results?

Online marketing is one of the most straightforward and more cost-effective methods for promoting your business.

8-03-18 U.S. Buyers Finding More Choice in High-Priced Areas

Sellers in some of the U.S.’s most in-demand areas are looking to turn profits, leading to a large inventory jump in those areas, according to a® report released Wednesday.

8-01-18 Young People Don’t Want Construction Jobs. That’s a Problem for the Housing Market.

The construction business is having trouble attracting young job seekers.

Archived Newsfeed July 2018

7-30-18 City launches map to help investors identify properties in Opportunity Zones

Louisville Metro Government has released an interactive map of the 19 census tracts in Louisville dubbed Opportunity Zones, an effort to point deep-pocketed investors to properties ripe for investment.

7-26-18 Mortgage Rates Rebound in Critical Moment for Housing

Rates for home loans jumped along with the broader bond market, setting up what one economist is calling a key test of the health of the housing market.

7-23-18 Louisville’s newest landlord: Wall Street

Financial firms in New York and other institutional investors are snapping up single-family homes in Louisville.

7-20-18 Mortgage Rates Tick Down, But Can Borrowers Seize the Opportunity?

Rates for home loans ticked down as the bond market moved sideways and the housing market made little headway.

7-18-18 Building Your Home Equity Now

You can still take advantage of low housing supplies and low interest rates to invest in a home.

7-16-18 Clever Ways To De-Stinkify Your Home

Whether you getting ready to list your home for sale or you just want a fresher smelling place every day, there are numerous methods you can use.

7-13-18 Want to buy a house? How long you'll have to save depends on where you live

If homeownership is your American dream, here is a wake-up call. It could take more than six years to save up for a down payment.

7-11-18 Homebuyers fuel jump in mortgage applications, as more listings finally emerge

A slight increase in the number of homes for sale may be helping to juice the mortgage market.

7-04-18 Home prices make the biggest jump in four years

The supply of homes for sale is low, demand is high, and now prices are heating up even more.

7-02-18 5 Tips for Staging Your Home

Staging is one of those things that can make the difference between a sold sign and a house that lingers on the market.