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Archived Newsfeed Aug 2016

8-31-16 Office occupancy, residential development on the rise in downtown Louisville

Do rising office occupancy rates and booming residential development signify a revival in downtown Louisville?

8-29-16 How To Make Your Offer On Your Next Home Stand Out

It may seem hard to imagine but, yes, the cycle has spun around and in some markets there are bidding wars leaving buyers wondering, "What can I do to make my offer stand out?"

8-26-16 Make Room For Gramma: Why Multigenerational Living Is The Trend With No End

That guest room you had planned to shelter the occasional out-of-town guest might not stay a guest room for long.

8-24-16 Why houses in America are getting smaller

Size matters, especially in housing, but preferences can change quickly, and that is the case today. Small is happening in a big way.

8-22-16 Drones changing the way real estate agents do business

Drones are changing the way many industries operate — from the military, farming, insurance to real estate.

8-18-16 Louisville Real Estate Update: June 2016

Welcome to our Louisville Real Estate Update for the month of June 2016.

8-16-16 Jefferson, Oldham counties see a big home price spike in July, but why?

The Greater Louisville Association of Realtors said today that home sales are still up in the Louisville area for the year despite a sales lull last month.

8-15-16 Americans still love spending on their homes

Spending on building supplies, gardening equipment rose 6.4% in July

8-12-16 Best bang for your buck in Louisville real estate 2016

With this handy map, we can quickly see where your Louisville real estate dollars go the farthest.

8-11-16 UPS offers employees a full package: a job, education and a place to live

Some employees at UPS say if it wasn't for their job shipping packages, they wouldn't be able to get a degree.

8-08-16 12 Tips for Cutting Costs with Hidden Home Savings

Follow these easy tips to save you money on your insurance, energy bill, and more.

8-04-16 Louisville ranks sixth nationally for rental property value

Rent Cafe, a nationwide apartment search website that helps people find apartments and homes across the U.S., lists Louisville as the sixth best city for rent friendliness, based on how much square footage you can rent for $1,500.

8-02-16 Rebuilding plot by plot: Metro Landbank Authority offers low-cost property to developers, nonprofits

The Landbank Authority, in concert with nonprofit and for-profit developers, is slowly working to rehabilitate the city’s vacant and abandoned properties.