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Archived Newsfeed September 2017

9-29-17 U.S. New-Home Sales Declined in August

U.S. new-home sales continued to fall in August, and the supply of available homes expanded.

9-27-17 High home prices may be hitting their limit

After hitting a peak in March of this year, price gains month to month have been coming down.

9-25-17 6 Surprising Benefits Of Buying Or Selling Your Home In The Fall

If you think you missed the boat on making your move this year, we're here to tell you why buying and selling in the fall can work for you.

9-22-17 Why It's a Better Time for Buyers on a Budget to Purchase a Home

Those thinking about buying a home have probably heard all the tales of woe from other buyers out there; those stresses may be easing somewhat now that we're past the most competitive season for home buying.

9-20-17 A seller’s market: Home sales continue to rise

Home sales numbers continue to defy the odds in the Louisville MLS.

9-18-17 Easy Ways To Enhance Your Home's Exterior

If you’re looking for a few simple ways to enhance your home’s exterior, here are a few easy ideas to help you get started.

9-15-17 Owner Financing: Should You Lend To Your Buyer?

Seller financing -- also referred to as "seller take-backs" -- is a form of creative financing, however there is a risk.

9-13-17 Inside the Government Program That Pays to Rebuild Neighborhoods After a Storm

After hurricanes Harvey and Irma, Community Development Block Grants could become more important than ever.

9-11-17 10 Key Problems to Look Out For and Fix in Your Home

Ignore some of these signs and you may end up with major issues. We tell you which are normal and which are cause for concern.

9-08-17 Building an Emergency Fund to Cover Unexpected Home Repairs

With homeownership comes new responsibilities, including repair and maintenance expense.

9-06-17 Lower mortgage rates push more borrowers to refinance, as Harvey mucks up the data

Mortgage applications finally moved slightly higher last week, spurred by refinancers, as interest rates moved decisively lower.

9-04-17 8 Important Steps To Take To Protect Your Home From A Flood

In the wake of all the tragedy associated with Hurricane Harvey, and the devastation it continues to bring to Texas and the Gulf, many people have been wondering what they can do to protect their home from a flood.

9-01-17 4 Tried and True Downsizing Tips for Your Next Move

For many people, the prospect of downsizing from a larger home to a smaller one can be quite the challenge.