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Archived Newsfeed April 2018

4-30-18 Are you ready to buy a home?

The transition from renter to homebuyer is a big one.

4-27-18 Owning Is the New Renting: Homeownership Trends Upward as U.S. Loses Renter Households

Rising wages, loosening credit standards and demographic shifts are all creating momentum for owning rather than renting.

4-25-18 Should You Fix Up Your House Before Listing Or Sell It As A Fixer Upper?

If you're thinking of selling your home, this is probably a question you've been asking yourself - and your real estate agent.

4-23-18 Rent Burden On The Rise

Renting has long been the traditional first-step toward home ownership and, in later life, a lifestyle-simplifying option for long-term property owners intent on liberating equity.

4-20-18 City hopes to generate buyers for vacant properties with tour for realtors

Some homes in west Louisville cost just $1 -- and the city is working to generate interested buyers.

4-18-18 Spring hits the housing market as weekly mortgage applications rise 4.9%

A rise in the thermometer across much of the country last week may have been just the remedy for an ailing mortgage market.

4-16-18 Homebuilder sentiment slips in April due to pressure from tariffs and rising prices

Homebuilder sentiment falls 1 point in April, as builders cite rising costs for materials.

4-13-18 Forget Luxury Apartments; the Hottest Rentals Are Single-Family Homes

The hottest rentals around aren't necessarily those gleaming high-rises with doormen and valets, Olympic-size pools, climbing walls, and happy hour. Instead, single-family homes are seeing the biggest spike in popularity.

4-11-18 Mortgage refinances fall to the lowest level in a decade amid lean and expensive spring housing market

Demand for mortgages weakened last week, despite a brief respite from rising interest rates.

4-09-18 Buyer Traffic Rising as Real-Estate Agents Report Concern Over Mortgage Rates, Inventory

Just when you thought the housing market couldn’t get any hotter, the prospect of rising mortgage rates had buyers even more frenzied in March, according to a report out Friday.

4-06-18 Home Improvement Projects That Aren't Worth DIYing

Generally, DIY can save homeowners money. However, some projects are simply too complex, involve too much risk and require too much specialty knowledge for homeowners to DIY.

4-04-18 Weekly mortgage demand drops as homebuyers are rattled by the stock market

Total mortgage application volume fell 3.3 percent last week from the previous week, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association.

4-02-18 Homeowners are sitting on $5.4 trillion in ready cash, the most ever

Rising home values are making homeowners richer, a lot richer.