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News Feed Archive March 2013

3-26-2013 Home prices leap 8.1% increase In January

                   Home prices in January posted their best annual gains since

                   summer 2006, a closely watched housing barometer shows.


3-26-2013 Sellers Who Delay May Miss Out

                   Some would-be move-up home sellers are eyeing home prices carefully.

                   They're waiting to see how much prices appreciate more before they

                   consider selling their home. But they may be missing their perfect

                    opportunity, some housing experts say.


 3-25-2013 Investors Pile Into Housing, this Time as Landlords

              "Things have turned around faster than anyone anticipated, " said Mr. Pintare

                     who first began buying properties here four years ago and now owns or

                     manages 1,700 homes. wsj.com


 3-25-2013 Lending Like it's 2003 to 'Qualified' Homebuyers

                   Despite "horror stories" about the diffculities of getting a mortgage, banks are

                   willing to lend to qualified homebuyers, Barry Habib, chief market strategist

                   at Residential Finance, told CNBC om Monday. But he stressed that the

                   defintion of "qualified has reverted back to standards of 10-15 years ago.


3-19-2013 Rising home values dig more homeowners out

                   Rising home values have lited more borrowers out of the hole of owing

                   more than their properties are worth, an encouraging sign for an

                   ecomony still closely tied to the health of the housing market. wsj.com


 3-19-2013 Housing starts point to growing economic momentum

                    Groundbreak to build U.S. homes rose in February and permits for 

                    construction climbed to their highest level since 2008, signs the housing

                    market recovery is gathering steam. cnbc.com


3-14-2013 Economists Revise Housing Figures Amid Optimism

                   Several ecomomists have recently revised their predictions on housing

                   values to reflect a stronger-than-expected real estate rebound, and some

                   have even doubled their original forecasts over the rise in in home prices.


3-14-2013 Home Foreclosures Drop Sharply

                   While the nation's foreclsure woes persist, new data show they are easing

                   amid a resurgent housing market, rising home prices and efforts by some

                   states to buy homeowners more time to avoid losing their home.  


3-13-2013 Seller's Market Emerges This Spring: Are you Ready?

                   The inventory of homes for sale has reached its lowest level since 1999,

                   which is helping home prices to rise in may markets, says Larence Yun,

                   the National Association of Realtors chief economist.


 3-11-2013 Construction Job Gains a Sign of Positive Growth

                    On March 8th, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released its February

                    Employment Report and the numbers are promising. "We're seeing the

                    very early fruits of recover," explains Dr. Peter Muoio, head of the rearch

                    divison of online real estate marketplace Auction. com.


3-07-2013 Immigrants Buoy the Housing Market

                   Immigrant homebuyers have bolstered the housing market across the

                   country in the past decade and will continue to fual demand at least

                   2020, according to a new study. wsj.com


3-07-2013 Where Are Home Prices Heading Through 2017?

                    Home prices are expected to continue their trajectory upward, projected

                    to rise 3.7% between the third Quarters of 2013 and 2014, according to

                    Fiserv, which used data from the Federal Housing Finance Agency for

                    it projections.


3-06-2013 Interest-Only Mortgages Begin to Reappear

                   Interest-oly mortgages accounted for about 14% of private mortgage 

                   originations from Jan. 2912 through Oct., according to the lastest data

                   from real estate analytics frim CoreLogic.


3-03-2013 City steps up effort to find developer for 11th & Hill

                    Six years after the city rolled out plans to improve the Park Hill Neighborhood,

                    a 17 acre plot in the middle of it is still dotted by trees, piles of litter and 

                    graffiti-mared buildings. courier-journal.com



News Feed Archive Feb 2013


2-28-2013  Households Return to Borrowing Ways

                    Americans late last year took on more debt for the first time since the throes 

                    of the recession, a sign that comsumers are feeling more comfortable

                    borrowing after years of cutting debt to fix their finances. wsj.com


2-27-2013 Pending Home Sales Soar Despite Rough Winter

                   Rough winter weather across much of the nation at the start of this year

                   apparently did not keep home buyers away. Contracts to buy existing

                   homes in January rose a strong 4.5 persont from the pervious month

                   according to the National Association of Realtors.


2-25-2013 Who might want to live in downtown Louisville?

                    Trying to get more people to make downtown home is a top priority

                    for Louisville officals right now. They have to appeal to those who

                    want to downsize, yet live close to amenities. wdrb.com


 2-25-2013  Poe group plans 72 apts on Lexington Rd.

                     A group headed by developer Steve Poe plans 72 apts. on

                     Lexington Rd just east of the Ketuckiana Girl Scouts headquarters.

                     They hope to break ground by early summer, with construction

                     expected to take about nine months. courierjournal.com


2-20-2013 Foreign Buyers Hop on Rental Trend

                   US Masters, a real-estate investment trust that has raised $276

                   million, primarily from Australian retirees, is one of a handful of

                   foreighn firms that are betting on the U.S. housing recovery by

                   buying houses at discount prices. wsj.com 


2-17-2013 West Louisville apartments get major upgrade

                   It was once a drug infested hotspot for criminal activity. But

                   there has been a major transformation in one west Louisville

                   neighborhood. wdrb.com


 2-14-2013 Foreclosure Crisis Now Well Past the Peak

                    Foreclosure fillings continue their downward sprial, dropping to

                    the lowest level in January since April 2007, according to Realty

                    Trac's lastest report.


2-11-2013 4th Quarter Metro Area Home Prices Strong

                   A growing number of metropolitan areas had higher median prices

                   in the fourth quarter, with the national price showing the strongest

                   year-over-year increase in sever years. realtor.com


2-08-2013 Americans Are Tapping Into Home Equity Again

                   Nearly 11 million borrowers ae underwater on their mortgages,

                   owing more than their homes are worth, accoring to CoreLogic,

                   and yet home equitly lines of credit dare suddenly on the rise.



2-07-2013 New Home Prices Dramatically outpace Existing

                    The average price of an existing home in Dec. was $231,000,

                    according to the Mational Association of Realtors, while the U.S.

                    Commerce Department reported the average pcie of a newly

                     built home stood at $304.000. cnbc.com


2-06-2013 Low-Income Neighborhoods, Unexpcted Strength

              An Urban Institue study find that homeownership buffered residents

                 of poor neighborhoods from the throws of the recession.



2-04-2013 Louisville loses out on farm real-estate boom

              Over the last three years, most of the counties in the four states

                that Louisville based Farm Credit Mid-America serves have

                    experienced a boom in real estate prices. BusinessFirst.com

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