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News Feed Archive Jan 2013


1-30-2013 FHA to hike mortgage insurance premiums

                   Annual Mortgage insurance premiums will rise .10% for most new mortgages and

                   .05% for loans of $625K or more. Chicago



1-29-2013 Soon You Can Flee Your Underwater Home

                   From some homeowners, March 1st will be Liberation Day. That is when Fannie Mae

                   and Freddie Mac will start allowing some homeowners who have been stuck in their



1-28-2013 Pending Home Sales Down in Dec. 2012

                   Pending home sales delined in Dec. but have stay about year-ago levels for 20

                   consecutive moths according to the National Assocation of Realtors.


1-28-2013 What Home Improvement Projects Add Up

                    Get the Most Value? You can't Beat a good looking exterior for curb appeal and value-

                    at least according to Remodeling Mag 2013


1-24-2013 Leading Economic Indicatiors Point Up

                   A gauge of future U.S. ecomomic activity rose in December. Pointing to an improvement 

                   in growth despite an on going political fight in Washington over fiscal policy.



1-23-2013 Housing Recovery Gained Pace in 2012

                   U.S. existing-home sales last year rose to their highest annual level in five years and

                   registered their largest annual jump since 2004.


1-22-2013 Existing Home Sales Unexpected Fall 1%

                   Home resales unexpecteldy fell in December as fewer people put their properties on the 

                    market, although not by enough to derail the boost housing will likely provide to the

                    economy this year.


1-17-2013 Housing Starts Jump in December 2012

                   Builders started work on homes in December at the fastest pace since the summer of 2008.



1-15-2013 Lousville area sales up 16% in 2012, most in 5 yrs

                   Members of the Greater Association of Realters sold 12,724 houses and condos in 2012 a 16%

                   insurance from 2011.


1-14-2013 Moving on Up: Stage Set for Rents to Go Higher

                   the surge in apartment rents since the downturn has sparked development across the country.

                   But tenants pinched by rising rents shouldn't expect relief soon.


1-10-2013 Louisville Takes On Vacant Home Problem

                   Louisville is taking on the vacant home problem plaguing the city. A home in west louisville was

                   torn down today as part of the city's efforet to improve neighorhoods where these type of structures

                   harm property values and encourage crimes.


 1-09-2013 Housing Affordability Index to Set Annual Record 

                    With 11 months of data reported, 2012 will cleary go down as a record year for favorable housing

                     affordability conditions, and a great year for buyers who could get a mortgage.


1-08-2013  Apartment Rents Continue to Rise As Vacancies Fall      

                     Apartment landlords continued to impose hefty rent increases as 2012 drew to a close, although there

                     are some early indications they could be losing their leverage with tenants.