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Buyer Resources

There are a number of important steps in the home-buying process.
Below we’ve compiled some useful resources for buyers.

Title Companies & Closing Attorneys

The inspection process is complete: now what? You will need a title company and a closing attorney to get the deal closed. Contact one of these well-respected companies to take the next step toward closing on your new home.

Home Warranty Companies

Home warranties can be a financial safeguard against unforeseen problems when buying a new home. Click the button for home warranty company contact information. Browse the websites and call them directly to ask any questions you might have about their home warranty products.

Pest & Termite Inspectors

Pest inspection is another important step, for your own peace of mind and reassurance when moving into your new home. Follow the link below to choose from our recommended pest inspection companies, in order to schedule a thorough termite/pest inspection.

Home Inspectors

Home inspections are one of the most important steps in your buying process. Be sure to choose a home inspector that you trust and have confidence in. Here are a few companies our past buyers have used and have reported a good experience with — check out their websites to help you make your decision.

Loan Officers

A loan officer is essential in helping you attain the best interest rates. Contact one of these trusted loan officers or institutions to get your pre-approval process started so that you can begin looking for your new home.