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Our Maintenance Team

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VP Maintenance
Chris Palmer

Chris Palmer VP Maintenance.
Chris Palmer is in charge of all turnovers and oversees operations for Property Management of Louisville.

Chris currently handles all of the rent ready turnover bidding and execution for the company, which helps owners better understand the scope of work to be performed prior to execution.

He worked at Kroger’s as a manager for over ten years and has extensive experience in customer service and operations. He graduated from University of Louisville with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications in 2002.

Maintenance Director
Sarah Mattingly

Sarah Mattingly Maintenance Director.
Since 2014, Sarah Mattingly has facilitated the communication between tenants and contractors along with talking to investors about maintenance needs and upkeep. Sarah converts tenant maintenance requests from calls/emails to contracted work orders and handles owner/vendor invoicing and involves owners as necessary.

Senior Maintenance Technician
Denver Puckett

Denver Puckett Senior Maintenance Technician.
Denver Puckett oversees our lawn service along with other seasonal work. Denver has been working with Property Management since 2008.

He is a graduate from Jefferson Community College in Business and has been doing managing/performing a lawn care business for the last 20 years.